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Donda’s House turns 5 this year! Since 2013 our programming has served 500 + artists in the name of Dr. Donda West, who during her life was instrumental in the artistic development of Kanye West, Che “Rhymefest” Smith, GLC, Twone G and more. Dr. West was a doctor of education, professor of english, curriculum designer, full-bright scholar, entertainment manager and more. She pushed young people to reach their full potential, and to always tell their personal truth in their art. Her principles and philosophies are very much still alive in our programming. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a Dr. Donda West, but you can have access to Donda’s House!

In honor of Dr. Donda West, @Dondashouse will be highlighting the loving relationship between artist and their mothers the entire month of May. We would like for you to participate by creating a verse or visual piece dedicated to your mother, or a prominent mother figure in your life accompanied by Kanye’s “Hey Mama” instrumental. Your support will go a long way in helping us bring awareness to the work we’re doing in the community, and the projects we need help funding in order to have a greater impact. 

How to Participate

  1. Create a verse or visual piece utilizing the Hey Mama instrumental as a beat or background music (Be creative!).
  2. Record yourself rapping, singing or creating your visual piece on video (1 minute or less).
  3. Upload your video to Instagram with the hashtag #HeyMamaChallenge, tagging @DondasHouse & three of your friends you’d like to see participate.
  4. Submit your video here, so that we can archive your video on our website!
  5. Donate! (Optional: Your participation is donation enough because you’re raising awareness of DH, but we could use help building the first Lighthouse & providing educational services too!)
  6. Don’t forget to share it with your mother, or prominent mother figure as well!

We will choose some of our favorite videos to post on our page! – @DondasHouse

Download Track Here