Stitch Gawd Visits Donda’s House

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Stitch Gawd Visits Donda’s House


Last night we hosted a conversation between Emma “Stitch Gawd” Mckee and Chiquita Carey of All I Need Is One Mic. Emma uses her needlework to stitch relationships and threads for the artists and creatives she cares most about and she is based here in Chicago.

The conversation started with a reflection on Emma’s journey thus far. She shared how initially she kept her crafts private and secret, but eventually realized that it was the unique pairing of needlework and rap that compelled her to share her gift with the world. Emma has stitched over 200 jackets and the most interesting thing about her work is that it is not for sale.

We also had a chance to see one of Emma’s creations, her Long Live John Walt Jacket, originally created for Saba. The jacket was created to memorialize John Walt, Saba’s cousin and Pivot Gang member who was murdered. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room as Emma shared how at that moment she realized that her creations were more than just pieces of fabric. The Long Live John Walk is the only duplicate she has created as she made a jacket for John Walt’s mother Nachelle Pugh, who is the co-founder and Executive Director of the John Walt Foundation.

Finally we talked about Emma’s process, her team and her upcoming projects, including a collaboration with Young Chicago Authors. Emma also discussed corporate partnership and her creative process. This Now What Professional Workshop was Emma’s second visit to Donda’s House as she participated in a Lunch & Learn with Dyett students last month. We look forward to more collaboration with the Stitch Gawd and thank her for her time. Follow Emma on social media here.

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