Top 5 Best Bass Guitars for Kids of 2023

Kanye Cristiano
  Feb 1, 2023 9:27 PM

In many instances, the heaviness of modern bass guitars presents the greatest obstacle for children just beginning to learn how to play. Parents purchasing a bass guitar for their child may discover that a bass that is one-fourth the size of a standard bass is considerably more suitable. Fortunately, there are so many alternatives available that you will be able to choose something that your child will enjoy.

Here are the best bass guitars for kids. These guitars are all 3/4 the size of a conventional bass, making them ideal for little hands.

Our Top Pick

1. Ibanez miKro GSRM20 Bass Guitar

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Ibanez basses are favored by musicians of all ages and are incredibly inexpensive, even in their full size. With a narrow neck and compact body, it's not only simpler for little fingers to play the correct notes, but it's also easy to handle.

It has a poplar body and a maple neck, thus the materials used to make it are on par with those of other Ibanez basses. The neck is 28.6 inches, which is six inches shorter than the typical 34 inches for ordinary bass guitars, yet there are still 22 frets. By purchasing a shorter bass, there is no loss of notes.

If you're searching for a children's bass with terrific tone, have no fear: the Ibanez miKro GSRM20 features regular P and J pickups for a crisp, punchy sound.


  • Full 22 frets, allowing you to play the same notes as a standard bass.
  • Excellent low end for a tiny bass.
  • One of the cheapest children's basses on this page.


  • A bass model with little extra features.

2. Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet Bass II

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With its light basswood body, the Gretsch G2220 Junior offers a surprisingly realistic tone for a child's bass guitar! The walnut fretboard is designed to be flatter, making it simpler for your youngster to reach the frets and produce crisp, ringing notes.

Instead of split or single-coil pickups, the G2220 has two humbucker pickups, unlike the other basses listed below. Humbuckers eliminate the hum that can sometimes develop in the signal chain that sends noise from your bass to your amplifier. They will also make your sound considerably deeper and more resonant.

The G2220 features a 30.3-inch neck, making it slightly longer than many of the basses on this page. However, compared to typical 34-inch bass necks, you'll have far more mobility.


  • Humbucker pickups that eliminate buzz from the tone.
  • The basswood body emits a tone that is clear.
  • It features somewhat "looser" strings than conventional bass guitars, making it ideal for slap-style playing.


  • 30" neck as opposed to 28" neck.

3. Squier Mini Precision Bass Electric Bass

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For children who want a Stratocaster-inspired bass, the Squier Mini Precision Bass has Fender's signature double-horn shape. It is a scaled-down version of their standard Precision Bass suited for smaller hands.

The Squier bass also features a split single-coil pickup, allowing you to adjust the resonant quality of the bass's sound; you can put your voice to the forefront or bring it back to accompany the rest of the band.

Mini Precision Bass is of somewhat superior quality than the miKro GSRM20 due to its lack of plastic components. Instead, you get bone-like knobs and nuts made of chromium. If your youngster is seeking for a superb bass with a lot of flare, you won't have to spend a fortune if you get one of these basses.


  • Split single-coil pickup to swiftly change the instrument's tone.
  • Every fret is easily accessible and the instrument is comfortable to grasp.
  • Less expensive than other 34 bass guitars.


  • There are only 20 frets, two fewer than on a conventional bass.
  • Instead of three tone-control knobs, there are just two.

4. Ibanez TMB30 Bass Guitar

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This little bass guitar is also manufactured by Ibanez. This classic design, which features a thin-waisted body and chrome hardware, will inspire any child to learn to play the bass.

The Ibanez Talman Bass also features a jatoba fingerboard, which is often less expensive than rosewood but performs similarly. The maple neck and poplar body combine for a superb, inexpensive middle-of-the-road bass. It utilizes a single-coil pickup at the bridge and a split pickup at the neck, giving you the best of both worlds in terms of tone.

This junior bass guitar has a scale length of 30 inches, which is two inches longer than some of the other 3/4 basses on this list. This may make this guitar more suitable for early adolescents than for younger children, who may find it overly lengthy and unwieldy.


  • One single-coil pickup and one split pickup provide a distinctively textured sound.
  • Excellent value for premium materials.
  • Extremely affordable


  • A little longer neck may be too lengthy for certain children.

5. G&L Tribute Fallout Short Scale Bass Guitar

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The twin horns and flared front plate of the Tribute Fallout Short Scale bass will undoubtedly appeal to them if you're looking for a bass for children with a unique design.

This is the most costly bass guitar for children on this list, but it is a high-quality instrument with an incredible sound.

It boasts a three-way pickup selector, allowing you to swiftly choose between series, split-coil, and parallel pickup modes. This provides your young bassist with a great deal of versatility without the need to cope with complicated controls.

The neck length of the G&L Tribute Fallout bass is 30 inches, therefore it may be too large for little children. Ensure you only get a 30" neck when purchasing a bigger bass. No of what type of music your youngster enjoys playing, this 3/4 bass has the appropriate tone.


  • Simple and versatile tone-switching controls.
  • The saddle-lock bridge will keep your instrument in tune regardless of how hard you pluck the strings.
  • Excellent craftsmanship; your youngster might never want to replace this bass!


  • Has just 19 frets.
  • The most costly junior bass on this list.

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Buying Guide

There are a few elements to consider, but in general, the objective is to maintain the desire and fun of learning to play.

It's Simple To Play

In the beginning stages of learning to play the bass (or guitar, for that matter), it is difficult to distinguish between "good" and "poor" performances. This sort of opinion is gained via experience.

However, one thing is certain. If a bass is uncomfortable to play, it is simple to quickly lose interest. If a bass is difficult to play, it might make playing even less enticing for children.

The majority of beginning bass guitars available now are of far higher quality than they were in the past. Once upon a time, it was common for guitar strings to be so high off the neck that it was difficult to fret notes correctly. This is no longer the case as frequently. It ought to be rather simple to discover one that plays nicely.

String action is only one aspect of playability. The body size and form should also be suitable for a child's body. It should be comfortable whether seated or standing, and it shouldn't be too large for them to manage.

It Resonates Well

Initially, the sound quality of a child's bass may not be as significant as it will be as they become more proficient. At this stage, it is sufficient to ensure that the general tone is positive and well-defined. This involves avoiding a muddy or mushy tone. It also indicates that the notes are audible without fretting at any point along the neck.

Esthetics Are Important

In all honesty, this item is not a "must have." But let's face it: when you're a teenager, it's nice to have an instrument that looks amazing! And it may sound a bit ridiculous, but if someone is enamored with how their bass looks, they may be more eager to play it (even us grownups, right?).

As we all know, practice is essential for learning. Anything that might encourage a child to play is, in my opinion, beneficial. If a great-looking bass is all it takes to convince someone to play it, then I'm all for it!


Our research on the best bass guitars for kids should prove to be both informative and entertaining. We recognize that the evaluation we have provided is only an illustrative sample of the main products available. However, our goal is only to provide you with a high-level summary of each offering.

You should now do your own research to determine which course of action is best for you to take.