Top 7 Best Bass Headphones of 2023

Kanye Cristiano
  Feb 1, 2023 11:19 PM

Who, honestly, does not enjoy pounding bass? When searching for the best bass headphones on the market, bass is a significant consideration. While there are several other factors we take into account, poor bass quality is a significant no-no.

Let's not forget that for a wonderful musical experience, one needs find a balance between the bass, treble, and mids, despite all this discussion about pounding bass. Too much bass will cause your song to lose its soul, while too little bass will result in a harsh cacophony.

Therefore, allow us to assist you in picking the best bass headphones available. To help you decide, we've compiled a list of the headphones with the finest bass for everyone. The best bass headphones, according to our experts.

Our Top Pick

1. Sony WH1000XM3

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The Sony WH1000XM3 Wireless Headphones are the ideal combination of audio fidelity and practicality. They boast a bass-heavy sound that is ideal for bass-heavy genres such as rap, EDM, and R&B, and they contain every function you could desire in a set of headphones.

They are entirely wireless, offer superb active noise cancellation (ANC), and even have some unique features that are not seen in most other headphones.

Similar to many of Sony's other headphones and earbuds, the WH1000XM3 features prominent bass frequencies. The bass on these headphones isn’t quite on the level of the Skullcandy Crushers with the bass all the way turned up, but it’s considerably bassier than virtually all of the other headphones on this list.

In addition to the active noise cancelling, which is perhaps the greatest of any headphones now on the market, and the 30-hour battery life, these headphones include additional notable features. Built within the right earcup of these headphones are unique gesture controls that allow you to alter the music or make calls by merely swiping on the cups.


  • Superior construction and features
  • Outstanding bass sound
  • 30-hour battery endurance
  • Incredible touch controllers
  • Best-in-class noise cancellation


  • Perhaps too bassy for certain genres.
  • Touch controls require some adjustment.

2. Beats Studio 3

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Depending on who you ask, you will receive a different response. Some audiophiles dislike Beats by Dre, whilst others vouch for them. Once something achieves widespread popularity, many websites will go out of their way to look edgy by criticizing it. But, let's be honest, if something has gained widespread popularity, they must be doing something well.

The Beats Studio 3 headphones are for bass enthusiasts. While the mids and vocals may sound somewhat dimmer than usual, the bass will undoubtedly rumble. Combined with the noise-cancelling technology Pure ANC, which is controlled by two microphones that modify the music based on the wearer's surroundings, listening is a pleasure.

Godzilla featuring Juice WLRD from Slim's new album Music to be Murdered by will cause a bass explosion.


  • Excellent bass
  • Excellent design
  • Noise-canceling technology is among the finest in the market.


  • Some people look down on popular, brand-name headphones.
  • There are superior headphones available for reasons other than bass.

3. Audeze LCD-1 Audiophile Headphones

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The LCD-1 exemplifies Audeze's prowess as a manufacturer of headphones with superior technology. It is particularly remarkable how nicely the bass hits.

Due to the open nature, this won't shake your ears as much as Beats headphones, but it still packs a hefty punch that can be felt, and the open-back design prevents the lowest sound levels from competing with the mids and highs. Everything is in perfect harmony.

Obviously, open-back headphones aren't ideal for outside listening, but for home listening in a quiet environment, this isn't an issue (it's also a godsend if you're waiting for a delivery and want to hear the door).

Notably, because to the immense power packed into the ear cups, each cup has its own wire that connects to a single cable. I've noticed a few people complaining about this, but calm down. It is fine and causes no problem whatsoever.


  • Strong, crisp sound
  • Bass without significant ear damage
  • Stylish style


  • The open-back design is not suitable for outdoor use.
  • Bass does not rupture eardrums.

4. Sennheiser HD 650

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Sennheiser offers some of the best headphones available, and the HD 650 is no exception. With a frequency response of 39,500 Hertz, the HD 650 excels at producing neutral sound while amplifying bass. The headphones are not the most bass-heavy on this list, but they are dreamy enough to warrant consideration.

Style-wise, these bad guys check all the boxes. Compared to cheap, plastic dollar-store headphones, the lightweight metal shines and gives them a more quality feel.

It is important to remember that these headphones have an open-back construction, therefore leaking is to be expected. This is not a deal-breaker for open-back headphone enthusiasts, but it is an additional consideration to consider.


  • Look great
  • Crisp, neutral sound
  • Possibly the finest headphones you'll ever purchase


  • Bass is inferior than the bulk of the items on this list.
  • Leakage

5. Soul Emotion Max

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What truly surprised me was how well the Emotion Max handled layers competing for dominance. Everything is dominated by bass in a way that is soothing without ever becoming overbearing. Despite the fact the bass steals the stage, other aspects remain. Vocals punctuate, guitars penetrate. Nothing is misplaced amid the confusion.

Average battery life was around 35 hours without active noise cancellation and 23 hours with it enabled (for reference, the industry standard is around the 30-hour mark for ANC off and 24 for ANC on).

Is the ANC effective? Simply said, absolutely. At this pricing range, you will not receive industry-leading technology capable of eliminating every undesirable sound. In comparison to other headphones in this popular category, however, the ANC is above average. The strongest noises will be muted rather than eliminated, and the faintest sounds will be nearly nonexistent.


  • Elegant, warm bass
  • Incredible clarity of layers
  • Ambient mode works


  • Had difficulty charging (which was instantly fixed with a quick reset)
  • ANC is an excellent value, but cannot compete with more costly options.
  • Extremely cozy, yet generally a really secure design

6. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation

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The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones have every desirable feature. The bass is thundering in part because of the superior noise-cancelling technology. There is no outside noise to interfere with your listening experience.

There is something to be said for the Momentum 2.0's design. The retro style, including a leather headband and wide earcups, is not for everyone. However, for us hipsters, it is a thrill. If you're spending a significant amount of money on headphones, you don't want them to appear like those plastic, nearly disposable headphones. You desire an item that shouts style.

The 2.0's bigger earcups are one of my favorite enhancements compared to the original. The original earcups seemed little too tiny and did not seat properly. It's excellent to see Sennheiser listening to customer problems and addressing them in new models, since feedback is always crucial in the lovely world of headphones.


  • Stunning design
  • Extremely loud bass
  • Sennheiser is one of the most reputable firms available.


  • Not everyone will enjoy that style
  • Larger earcups are an upgrade, but you know...

7. Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2

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The Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 is an amazing pair of mid-range headphones with all of the desirable qualities of a contemporary headset: It is wireless, offers active noise cancellation (ANC), a fashionable design, voice control as an option, and the ideal level of bass for bass-heavy genres such as rap and EDM.

Sound-wise, the overall tone is neutral, but bass-heavy. They are excellent at recreating the deep bass of bass-heavy music, yet the bass is not so dominant that it makes other musical genres seem odd. The Backbeat Pro 2 is an excellent middle-of-the-road set of bass earbuds, since they are neither fully flat nor as bass-heavy as headphones such as the Skullcandy Crusher.

The Backbeat Pro 2 is further distinguished by its current feature set. As said in the introduction, this headset includes all the features you'd expect from headphones in 2019, as well as a couple you've probably never seen.


  • Modern attribute list
  • Detailed, bass-heavy audio
  • 24-hour battery endurance
  • Stylish attire
  • Unique gyroscope features


  • The bass is present but not overwhelming
  • Occasionally, a gyroscope can be a little wacky
  • There is no hard-shell casing.
  • Moderate noise cancellation

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Buying Guide

Because bass is directly proportional to the size of the speaker, not all headphones are capable of producing quality bass. You will note that speakers optimized for bass are often larger than other types. Due to the tiny speaker size of headphones, it might be difficult to generate a bass that is sufficiently loud. Today, producers have discovered a compromise that allows them to provide superb bass reproduction while keeping headphones compact enough for daily use.

Earphones and Earbuds

Both earbuds and earphones are in-ear headphones, meaning that they are tiny and may be inserted directly into the ear canal. The sole distinction is that earphones may be inserted into the ear canal, but earbuds cannot. The latter just sit within the ear canal and emit the same volume of sound.

Due to the lack of a seal and the high likelihood of interference, earphones are incapable of accurately reproducing bass. If you are seeking for earphones, however, please click here. In contrast, earphones are capable of creating high-quality bass because they fit firmly into the ear canal and provide little room for sound to escape.

In addition, both varieties are extremely portable and lightweight, making them ideal for everyday usage with cellphones and audio players like as the iPod.

Driver Size

There is little technological distinction between bass headphones and standard headphones. The driver is the primary component that controls the quantity and quality of bass. This transforms the digital signal to an analog signal.

The greater the size of the driver, the stronger the bass signal. The driver size for the majority of headphones ranges between 20 mm and 50 mm. You may view the speaker size in the headphones' specs online or on the outside casing.

Niveaux de bass

With the majority of bass headphones, the bass level is average. Some headphones will provide a bass enhancement. If you recall what bass is, then you'll realize that bass comes from subwoofers isn't limited to what you are hearing, but also what you are experiencing.

When you listen to powerful bass in your automobile or in a nightclub, do you see the windows vibrating or feel a thumping in your chest? This is what is lacking in the majority of headphones. To compensate, some companies opt to increase the bass.

Boost Bass

With bass enhancement, the sound impression becomes more robust. With this setting enabled, the sound will be slightly distorted, but the bass will be nearly perfect. It is vital to remember that this feature only works with headphones of superior quality. Occasionally, low-end headphones include this function, although the difference is rather large.

Active Noise Cancellation

Modern normal bass headphones provide adequate isolation to provide high-quality bass and a balanced sound overall. There are, however, headphones equipped with active noise canceling. Obviously, they offer superior sound and bass quality but they tend to be expensive than standard headphones. You are further charged for active cancellation technology. Unless you have a pressing need, you should avoid purchasing these headphones for everyday usage.

Prices and Brands

Prices for bass headphones vary widely, and frequently depend on the brand you're purchasing. However, finding the best brand name might be difficult. The reason for this is that bass is now present in several musical genres, such as EDM, House, Alternative, and Rock.

Some manufacturers pitch their headphones as bass-heavy for marketing purposes. Others truly invest in technology and offer the highest bass quality. Sony's MDR-XB series, for example, generates high-quality bass and offers additional bass (XB).


1. How can you determine if your headphones have excellent bass?

The solution to this question is extremely straightforward. First and foremost, you know it when the bass is good or not. Secondly, look up the frequency response values of your headphones. In conclusion, headphones with drivers larger than 40 mm are considered to offer superior bass quality compared to headphones with smaller drivers.

2. What does "bass" in headphones mean?

As previously mentioned, bass is the spectrum of sound frequencies between 20 Hz and 250 Hz. In the context of headphones, and in other words, when we speak to excellent or awful bass, we are referring to the output of the headphones for the bass in a particular song or audio recording.

For instance, if the bass is sharp and powerful, we say that the headphones have high bass quality. Similarly, if the pounding is too loud or unclear, we think that the bass quality is inadequate.

3. What headset has the best bass?

The following question is a pretty open-ended question as there are a vast range of headphones based on costs, type of headphones (in-the-ear, over-the-ear, etc.), brands, etc.

In light of the difficulty of identifying the greatest pair of headphones with the best bass, our team of specialists has endeavored to make the solution to this issue more accessible through our evaluation guide.


So, now that we've spilled the beans on the best bass headphones in town, hush-hush and grab a set of bass-heavy headphones immediately!

However, if you have any recommendations, questions, or concerns, please let us know in the space below. We accord each and every comment equal weight. Also, please let us know if you have any bass headphones or other audio headphones that you would want us to evaluate. We will be delighted to assist you!