Top 5 Best High Impedance Headphones of 2022

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  Nov 30, 2022 7:44 AM

Those who are interested in audio, known as audiophiles, can be further divided into the general population and those who are not.

High-impedance headphones are the norm for audiophiles, who use them for pleasure or in their work. However, casual users lean toward low impedance.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's get down to business and examine the best high-impedance headphones on the market.

Our Top Picks

1. Over-Ear Studio Headphone with 250-Ohm Impedance by Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

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Professional studio mixers that use high-end equipment often choose Beyerdynamic's high impedance versions. One such device that is extensively used by audio engineers, music producers, and broadcasters is the DT 770 Pro. In particular, the bass reference and the expansive sound due of the closed-back construction reasons why these headphones are so well-liked by audiophiles and professionals.

Impedance that is lower is, of course, Beyerdynamic headphones share the same aural benefits as their higher impedance counterparts. A professional recording studio is not the place for impedance changes that are too small. In addition, you might not hear as much nuance as you would with the 250-ohm version.

The earcups should be adjusted to ensure a comfortable studio experience. The steel headband is not only strong, but it also comfortably encircles your ears. Finally, the headphones' single-sided wire stays out of the way when you constantly take them on and off.


  • Better quality audio for use in studios and for mixing.
  • A seal around the ears prevents any sound from leaking out.
  • Comfortable velour earpads may be swapped out as needed.
  • Construction aimed at withstanding the test of time.
  • It's a three-meter-long cable that only goes one way.


  • It is not possible to switch out the cable.

2. Over-Ear Studio Headphone with 250 Ohm Impedance by Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

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Beyerdynamic's open-back DT 990 Pro Studio Headphones offer 3D sound reproduction and a wide stereo picture that is sure to please any audiophile. This duo provides a very deep range of tones, which will help your mixes seem professional. It's not surprising that the sound quality has received such high praise.

The open layout keeps the sound feeling rather expansive. In addition, the DT 770 Pro's strong bass has been replaced by a more subtle increase in the DT 770 Pro's bass and treble, allowing for more nuanced and accurate mixing. The piece's lows and highs will not overwhelm the rest of the texture and make it appear too fuzzy or too crisp, respectively.


  • Since they cover both ears, they are convenient for extended listening sessions.
  • Studio use is where it truly shines.
  • Comfortable velour ear cushions.
  • Earpads are easily replaceable.
  • Build to last.
  • Single-sided wire 3 meters in length.
  • Enhanced low frequencies and high-quality highs without sacrificing any balance.


  • There is no stowable cable.

3. Sennheiser HD 650 Open-Back Studio Headphones

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The HD 650 Open-Back Professional Headphone is a reliable option for discerning audiophiles who want a studio-quality listening experience in the comfort of their own homes. These cups are great for jam sessions because of the high quality sound reproduction and precise tuning. Moreover, the titanium silver coating guarantees that they will look great while doing it.

Plus or minus one decibel is the range of error for this set of headphones. The complete diaphragm vibrates with dependable regularity thanks to a special dampening element. Consequently, the sound quality is unaffected by the environment in which it is used.

Last but not least, the transient response is kept swiftly uniform by the lightweight aluminum voice coil. Since a gold-plated jack connector and adapter are included, you won't need to purchase any other equipment to use these cans with a portable device, unless you plan on using a digital audio player (DAP) or amplifier to increase the output impedance of your device.


  • The faster transient response is a result of the lighter aluminum voice coils.
  • Effectiveness enhanced by the use of powerful neodymium magnets.
  • There is little to no intermodulation and harmonic distortion.
  • A power adaptor is included.
  • The guarantee is valid in any country for 2 full years.


  • Those headphones can't be folded up for easy transport.

4. Open Dynamic High-Fidelity Professional Stereo Headphones by Sennheiser (HD 600)

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The HD 600 are excellent headphones for use with a dedicated listening space or hi-fi stack, and they also perform admirably when connected to other portable devices so long as they are given enough power.

These high impedance stereo headphones were designed specifically to eliminate unwanted noise and sonic artifacts. Additionally, the aluminum voice coils and circumaural design combined with the high-quality magnets ensure an audiophile-level listening experience.

To guarantee that the headphones' dynamic response and sensitivity are up to par, they use neodymium ferrous magnets that have been computer-optimized throughout production. Harmonic and intermodulation distortions are also mitigated by the magnetic system. Because of this, the resulting sound is crisper, more lifelike, and more three-dimensional.


  • Lightweight and providing a transient response, aluminum voice coils are a popular choice.
  • Neodymium ferrous magnets have a high degree of sensitivity and kinetics.
  • Crafted with exquisite taste.
  • The metal mesh used in cup covers is of the highest quality.
  • Untethered wires.
  • Kevlar-reinforced cable is extremely long-lasting.
  • Because the copper in the wire is oxygen-free, there is less interference.


  • There are problems with the acoustic fingerprint.

5. Open-Back High-Resolution Audiophile Headphones (Sennheiser HD 660 S)

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The Sennheiser HD 660 S HiRes Headphone stands out from the crowd because to its outstanding sound quality, which surpasses that of the widely-used HD 650. These headphones, for instance, provide a more expansive but yet balanced frequency response, which enhances the dynamic range and granularity of the sound. So now you can hear sound that is more true to life and full of emotion.

The aluminum voice coils and stainless steel cloth diaphragm work together to drastically cut down on distortion. For even higher performance, the new transducer design allows for tolerances of just one decibel. As a result, you may experiment with different levels of loudness without worrying about the quality of the sound being compromised.

The HD 660 S HiRes pair's open-back design makes for pleasant listening even after extended sessions. Additionally, a larger soundstage is provided for enhanced audio playback. Last but not least, the headphones' velour ear cushions and cushioned headband make them quite comfortable to use.


  • Excellent headphones with a high impedance, comparable to the best in the reference class.
  • Para-aramid is used to strengthen cables to increase their longevity.
  • The cables use oxygen-free copper, or OFC, to ensure minimal handling noise.
  • It has two cords and an adapter in the package.
  • Wide, 10 dB-flat frequency response from 10 to 41,000 Hz.
  • Soft, movable ear cushions.


  • This set of headphones does not fold up well.

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Buying Guide

Finding the optimal fit between load impedance and power output guarantees optimal performance and maximum volume from a set of headphones with a high load impedance. Ideal music player characteristics are high voltages and low currents. Still, there are additional intricacies you must comprehend in order to get the greatest headphones for your setup.

Impedance Sensitivity

When listening to audio with a substantial variation between the lowest and biggest sound intensities, such as classical music, headphone sensitivity is important. To increase this dynamic range, a robust amplifier is required to power the listening devices. Therefore, the efficiency or sensitivity of your headphones specifies the amount of loudness they can create when the audio source supplies a given power rating.

Manufacturers often assess sensitivity at 1 kHz while delivering 1 mW of electricity. However, the great majority of listening goods may be used between 60 and 80 dB, which is suitable for the majority of headphone purchasers.

In contrast, headphones with high sensitivity can vary from 90 to 105 dB, allowing you to hear all the fine nuances of the music you are listening to.

Since great sensitivity is an anomaly in consumer headphones, appropriate loudness seldom requires more than 1 mW of power. However, if you want to use headphones with a very high impedance, you may require an amplifier that can generate between 50 mW and 1 W of power.

Impedance Discord

Ensuring that the source impedance matches the headphone impedance is essential for achieving high-quality sound. However, compatibility is mostly determined by the selection of complimentary components, as opposed to guaranteeing that they have the same impedance rating. In terms of high fidelity, we must maximize power flow from the amplifier to the headphones without sacrificing portions of the frequency spectrum.

Generally, it is recommended to utilize the rule of eighths when matching the impedance of your headphones to that of the speaker. Ensure that the headphone impedance is between 2.5 and 8 times that of the output impedance. Therefore, you may anticipate consistent sound quality.

In addition, selecting headphone amplifiers needs consideration of sensitivity and impedance. Even with an amplifier, lower impedance headphones may not sound as well as higher impedance headphones.

In addition, the frequency response differs between types of high and low impedance devices, with the exception of planar dynamic drivers. Therefore, the mathematics around your options is intricate, making purchasing selections difficult. Nonetheless, if you require accessories to raise the output impedance when utilizing headphones with a high impedance, we have you covered.


1. Do headphones with a high impedance sound better?

High impedance headphones use copper wires that are approximately half the thickness of a human hair and are twisted more tightly than low impedance headphones. With less air between the layers, the voice coil can have a lower mass while yet creating a stronger electromagnetic field. This combination of elements produces a more accurate diaphragm for improved sound quality in headphones with a high impedance.

2. Why Do People Use High-Impedance Headphones?

When working as an acoustic engineer, professional studio mixer, or producer, it is preferable to have high-quality audio equipment. The benefit of headphones with a high impedance is that you may connect them directly to your studio equipment without fear of being blasted by excessive volume or losing clarity.

In addition, they are designed to deliver a flat frequency response over a broad frequency range, allowing you to hear even the finest details. These capabilities are ideal for reference-related tasks.

3. Is Lower Impedance Preferred With Headphones?

A headphone with a low impedance is ideal for consumers who wish to listen on the go. In any case, their low power requirements imply that they may be powered by portable music players such as smartphones and laptops. Nonetheless, purchase closed-back variants because they do not leak sound.

Conversely, headphones with a high impedance are perfect if you want to increase your listening experience and are ready to purchase the necessary equipment to do so. In addition, they are essential for professionals in the sound industry.


These best high-impedance headphones are widely available at reasonable prices and boast excellent sound quality. The voice coils in high-impedance headphones are lighter and thinner than those in 32-ohm and lower-impedance headphones.

The higher quality of sound with high-impedance headphones is mostly attributable to their lower operating loudness. If you only want to use your headphones at home, you should look at high-impedance models of the Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser headphones mentioned above, as well as other brands.