Top 8 Best Koss Headphones of 2023

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  Feb 1, 2023 11:20 PM

If you're seeking the best Koss headphones, we've interviewed Koss headphone specialists with in-depth experience.

We select the highest-quality product, which includes characteristics you have never heard of. We've sifted through more than 100 items to provide you with the top 8 list of the best Koss headphones.

This list contains the greatest Koss headphones currently available on the market.

Our Top Picks

1. On-Ear Koss Porta Pro Headphones

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The U.S. has registered PORTA PRO. Patent and Trademark Office, as well as in several other nations. It offers exceptional comfort and performance for personal music listening. It is meant for individuals with refined musical tastes and is one of the most popular earbuds worldwide.

The adjustable pads and lightweight cushions provide comfort for the listener. The Porta Pro allows users to experience live music performances. Since its introduction in 1984, the Koss Porta Pro has enjoyed significant popularity. In addition, it has a lifetime guarantee and a carrying case.

The Koss Porta Pro is intended for ease and comfort. They are worn over the head with a metal band on top. It does not have any padding. Additionally, there is cushioning on the side right above the earcups.


  • Excellent portability and sound quality.
  • Open-back design offers a feel of a live performance.
  • Comfortable, safe, and adjustable seating.


  • Several people hear garbled and popping noises while listening to music.
  • A few days after purchasing, the earphones broke for several users.

2. The Koss KPH30iK are in-ear headphones

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Koss is renowned not just for producing high-quality earbuds and headphones, but also for their affordable Koss KPH30iK On-Ear Headphones pricing. In addition to its superbly balanced sound and semi-open design, the Koss KPH30iK On-Ear Headphones provide a lifetime guarantee. They are really comfortable to wear for extended durations and have a sturdy build. They are portable, lightweight, and adaptable. It contains contemporary features such as a remote and an in-line microphone. The innovative suspension of the Koss KPH30iK On-Ear Headphones provides a precise fit. This headphone is constructed to last.

The Koss KPH30iK On-Ear Headphones are aesthetically pleasing, thin, and lightweight. It has high-resolution audio drivers that are dynamic. Non-removable cable measuring four feet is included. It has a remote button and an in-line microphone. It has a suspension construction that makes it comfortable to wear.


  • A good purchase for audiophiles.
  • The item includes a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • Useful in a practical sense.


  • In a few months, the headphones came apart for several customers.
  • Some individuals noticed varying sound levels from each ear cup, meaning that both ear cups did not provide a consistent amount of sound.
  • Some users' plastic headbands shattered.

3. Koss Home Headphones UR-20

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Music has a calming effect on our minds, and listening to it on a remarkable device is the icing on the cake. Koss is recognized for its incredible sound devices, such as the Koss UR-20 Home Headphones, which allow you to experience every nuance of the music. This brand's motto, "hearing is believing," is definitely gaining hearts.

Koss is a well-known brand for its design and construction. The design of the Koss UR-20 Home headphones is one of the best among its competitors. The device has a flexible headband with a sling that enables the user to listen to single-sided audio with optimal comfort and durability. The device also includes an 8-foot, straight, single-entry chord for home and portable usage.

With a frequency response of around 18Hz to 24kHz and an impedance of approximately 16 ohms, this device possesses one of the greatest audio quality.


  • Lightweight studio over-ear design
  • Excellent pairing capacity; compatible with any PC, laptop, tablet, etc.
  • Flexible headband for wearing comfort


  • The headphones are quite fragile.
  • Few users have highlighted their fragile nature.

4. Koss KTXPRO1 Headphones

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Koss is one of the rare brands that has won hearts ever since it was founded. Since the invention of the Koss KTXPRO1 Portable Headphones in 1958, this company has never looked back. The primary goal of this brand is to maximize the musical and aural happiness of its customers. Consequently, it remains one of the most reputable names in the sound and music industries.

As its structure, the Koss KTXPRO1 Titanium Portable Headphones offer an excellent and creative design and construction. The headphones are portable on-ear headphones constructed with a soft and flexible sling headband. As the brand's primary objective is to delight its customers, it ensures that the product's modern design and construction make it appear to be an incredible device.


  • In-line volume control
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Straight wire
  • Inadequate soldering

5. Koss Studio Headphones Pro-4AA

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Koss has excellent news for all broadcast and recording professionals: it now provides the Koss Pro-4AA, a headphone of professional grade that has exceptional performance and dependable equipment. The headphones include a wide frequency range and other dynamic aspects, including a tight fit and the ability to block out ambient noise. It also boasts a built-in microphone for adaptability and a durable construction. With each recording, you will have a more professional experience than with any other headphones in the same price range.

The Koss Pro-4AA headphones include an 8' wire with a 6.3 mm connector and adjustable sliders. These headphones are composed of steel and have a generously padded headband made of rubber. The headphones have a closed-back construction that blocks out extraneous sounds. These headphones weigh around 19 ounces, making them somewhat heavier than other available normal full-size headphones.


  • Ample bass and separation are satisfactory.
  • No audio crackling or leakage.
  • A set of sturdy headphones
  • Constructed using durable design and materials.
  • Aesthetic design is unquestionably a benefit.


  • Can get heavy with prolonged usage.
  • These headphones are not portable, as they are too big to bring along.

6. Koss KSC75 Headphones for Stereo Phones

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Since the company's inception, Koss has been renowned for its exceptional stereo telephones. In 1958, the Koss KSC75 Stereo phone Headphones began the trend of these stereo phones. In addition to becoming an exceptional brand due to its reputation alone, Koss also caters to the needs of its customers. The importance of music in everyone's life explains why Koss makes every user feel alive.

The Koss KSC75 Portable Stereo phone Headphones are quite fashionable and in line with the preferences of young people nowadays. The design of the sports clip, which has rotating ear plates, accommodates nearly all types of ears. In addition to being fashionable and elegant, the headphones are portable on-ear clip headphones that are lightweight. The sound quality of the Koss KSC75 Portable Stereo phone Headphones is well renowned.


  • Comfortable clothing
  • Excellent sound quality with a wide frequency range
  • The headphones are portable since they are lightweight.


  • Less durable
  • Buzzing noises

7. The Plug In-Ear Headphones by Koss

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The Koss 'The Plug' In-Ear Headphones are a new design for headphones. These Koss 'The Plug' In-Ear Headphones are noise-isolating in-ear headphones. The majority of noise-isolating and noise-canceling devices are over-ear headphones. This portion, though, is in the ear. The headphones provide superior sound quality and a limited lifetime warranty. They boast powerful bass tones and a small, lightweight construction that allows for prolonged usage. The plug's sturdy construction and noise-isolation backing contribute to its popularity.

These earbuds offer a frequency range of 16-23000 Hz and emphasize bass. The only thing that can overcome the high pitches and treble is a powerful bass book. It has neodymium-iron magnets and oxygen-free copper coils for the voice. The sensitivity is 112 dB, and an external element reduces distortion to less than 0.3%.


  • In-ear headphones that effectively eliminate noise.
  • Lightweight and user-friendly.
  • A lengthy cord is included for connecting portable music players.


  • Many individuals have difficulty adjusting the foam plugs.
  • Some users complained that the sound quality was inadequate.
  • For several purchasers, the headphones came apart after a few usage.

8. Koss KPH14W Side-Firing Headset

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The Koss KPH14W Side-Firing Headphone enables you to listen to music while running or working out. These headphones are designed for active use and allow for ambient noise, which is crucial when exercising. The corded headphones allow active individuals to move freely without worrying about perspiration damage. While jogging or working out on a track or in a gym, you may listen to music without restriction. It is comfy and guaranteed by a limited lifetime warranty in the event that your gadget malfunctions. The Koss KPH14W is an ideal exercise companion when you need some entertainment to keep your spirits up.

The sound quality is mediocre. The earphones are simply placed near the entrance and sound enters from the side. They do not completely enclose the ear, enabling adjacent sounds to be heard.


  • Workout headphones with little weight.
  • Water and sweat resistant.
  • Are securely connected to the head during exercise.


  • According to several customers, the headphones were too snug and were uncomfortable after a time.
  • Some consumers reported that the headbands broke rather readily.
  • One size doesn't fit everyone.

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Buying Guide

Different Koss Headphones

  • Full-Size/On-Ear Headphones:

The Koss On-ear headphones are portable, lightweight, and tiny, with sound quality comparable to the Koss full-size headphones. The many features of the Koss On-Ear Headphones make them an excellent option for travelers who want maximum portability. Some goods in this category provide exceptional quality, comfort, and noise cancellation. The user can also disable noise cancellation when unnecessary. Good cushioning and air circulation keep your ears comfy as you listen to your headphones' crystal-clear sound and powerful bass. Here, music fans are in for a real treat. Isn't it?

  • In-ear and Earbud Headphones

The In-Ear Headphones from Koss are headband-free, offer lighter comfort, and fit exactly in the ear. They allow you to move around easily during exercise and vacation. Without sacrificing sound quality, Koss In-Ear Headphones are ideal for all purposes without causing head discomfort. Smartphone users will like some high fidelity headphones not only for their silicon cushions and comfort, but also for their microphone and push-to-talk feature, which enables them to answer or end conversations without removing the headphones. These earbuds or In-Ear headphones are great for anyone with an active lifestyle, since they provide rich bass and crisp highs.

  • Koss Headphones Located Behind the Head

Your Koss Behind the Head headphones lay directly on the ear, and as a result, you receive superior fir and bass performance. In contrast to typical over-the-ear or on-ear headphones, these Behind-the-Head headphones provide total comfort whether worn with helmets or headgear.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

In recent years, technological advancements have enabled the portability of wireless Bluetooth headphones with enhanced sound quality. The Koss wireless headphones are meant to provide flawless sound and connect to all of your devices, allowing you to enjoy music without a tether.

  • Koss Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noise Cancelation Koss Headphones are favored by the majority of music curators and music fans for their ability to effectively reduce ambient and surrounding noise. Koss provides both active and passive noise-canceling headphones, providing you with a mechanical and technological design advantage over other noise-canceling headphone manufacturers.

Read our comprehensive guide on the most effective noise-canceling headphones for sleeping.

The Features of Koss Headphones

  • Unique Design

In keeping with their old school motif, Koss provides a wide variety of unique headphone styles. To some, they may not seem practical, but Koss headphones provide a variety of unusual types for individuals who appreciate traditional designs and distinctive appearances. The majority of Koss headphones feature elegant designs, particularly catering to the demands of various user groups including gamers, music enthusiasts, etc.

  • Variety

Since Koss has a broad selection of headphones ranging from pricey to affordable, wired to wireless, it's interesting to discover which headphones in each category are the best. Price-wise, Koss headphones compete with other brands of headphones, but their products' quality and designs contribute to their total market share.

  • Build

Even though Koss Headphones offer a great price-to-sound-quality ratio and some of the best designs, its design and construction may not appeal to all consumers. The devices feature plastic designs that may not appear sturdy, but this is not a cause for concern because Koss gives a very extensive guarantee. If the plastic construction is not a major concern, the style and sound quality of Koss headphones remain the most alluring qualities.

  • Excellent sound quality

Although the style is Koss's most alluring aspect, you should also be aware of how well these headphones sound. Regarding the cost of the purchase, Koss has put a lot of effort into its sound quality. They properly emphasized the bass influence without making it seem distorted or murky. The ideal rhythm is driven by the harmonious combination of dynamic range and rhythmic sensitivity.

In conclusion, we can state that Koss produces high-quality headphones in a range of forms and styles to accommodate the tastes of all types of listeners. They are lightweight and simple to transport, with the greatest designs and construction.

After 60 years on the market, Koss may be said to have some of the most impressive headphone collections. Here are some of the greatest Koss headphones currently available on the market.


1. How can I clean the ear cushions on my Koss headphones?

Using a soft cloth to clean your Koss ear cushions is the most effective method. Alcohol and other harsh chemicals should not be utilized.

Avoid using paper towels, since they may deteriorate the material, reducing its ability to prevent earwax from entering the headphones.

Avoid using a hair dryer. If you need to air-dry your Koss headphones after cleaning them, simply put them out in the open air for 20 minutes without exposing them to excessive temperatures (which could cause damage).

Finally, do not vacuum the interior of your headphones; vacuums might be excessively powerful and dislodge parts or even shatter them if not handled properly!

2. Can the comfort of my Koss ear cushions be enhanced?

The key to maintaining your Koss ear pads in excellent condition is to keep them clean. The most effective method is to use a solution of water and mild soap, followed by cleaning the surfaces with a soft cloth.

Please allow the pads to air dry before reattaching them to the headphones, so they do not become too wet.

3. How can other listeners hear my headphones' music?

A basic audio cable, a 3.5mm headphone cable may connect your headphones straight to your phone and other devices.

A Bluetooth transmitter transmits a device's audio signal. It transforms the connection into a Bluetooth connection on another device, allowing you to listen wirelessly to headphones or speakers without tangled wires.

This is similar to how AirPods operate; each earbud contains an internal Bluetooth transmitter that transmits data between them, allowing them to act as wireless headphones that do not require a charging cable or wire.

A Bluetooth receiver takes incoming signals through its antenna, then decodes them into an analog audio output that can be played through any speakers or headphones with standard 3.5mm connectors without requiring a connected connection between them (no more tangled connections!).

4. What is an anti-noise microphone?

Using noise-cancelling technology, a noise-canceling microphone allows you to shut out any unpleasant ambient sounds.

It works by converting any ambient noise into an equal but opposite signal, such that when they are combined, they cancel each other out.

This implies that you will be able to concentrate on what is being said without straining to hear over any background noise.

This is especially handy if you are recording in a crowded location, such as a conference or event, where there are many other individuals.

With this style of microphone, background noise will never interfere with your speaking; your voice will always come through loud and clear!

5. How can I clean the ear cushions on my Koss headphones?

Before you attempt to clean the earpad, you must ensure that it is completely dry. If your earpads are damp, rinse them under warm water and allow them to dry in the air for a few minutes.

If they are soiled or greasy, you may clean them using a light detergent such as dish soap or Castile soap (an all-natural recipe that has been used for centuries).

Try using rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth with a little elbow grease to remove stubborn stains such as makeup or oil off your skin.

6. Can the comfort of my Koss ear cushions be enhanced?

Yes! This is one area in which we have direct user feedback: our customers adore our leather-covered foam cushions because they provide outstanding sound isolation while being comfortable for all-day usage.

7. What is an anti-noise microphone?

It's an electrical gadget that can detect ambient sounds around you and emit inverse waves to cancel them out, so that only audio entering the microphone directly will be caught up by any recording equipment linked to it.


Let's face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. Nevertheless, there are so many! Which one is the best Koss headphone? Leveller is on your team, so have no fear.

We are here to assist you in determining what works best for you. Before making a final decision, you may take advantage of our free consultations.