Top 5 Best Light Up Drumsticks of 2023

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  Feb 1, 2023 10:13 PM

If you've always desired to demonstrate your drumming abilities, you can attract attention to your drum sticks. With some illuminated drumsticks, you can provide an unforgettable performance for your audience.

It is a terrific way to lighten the mood when performing with your bandmates, and a creative method to get the audience enthused about your performance. These drumsticks come in several types, some of which are suitable for both youngsters and adults.

This article lists the 5 best light up drumsticks for the year 2023. Each drumstick will include a brief explanation and a summary of its advantages and disadvantages.

Our Top Picks

1. RockStix 2 Professional with Thirteen Color Effects

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Rockstix 2 HD originated from the British company PowerStix. It is renowned for its visual music technology, which combines the enjoyment of playing instruments with theatricality.

Certainly, one cannot discuss illuminated drumsticks without discussing the RockStix 2 Pro. This is one of the most popular brands of glow-in-the-dark drumsticks available on Amazon, and they have thirteen incredible color effects.

These will appeal to you since they are motion-activated drumsticks. It indicates that they illuminate as you travel. With each beat, the drumsticks provide a unique light effect, enhancing the spectacle for the spectators.

If you are seeking for the drumsticks utilized in DrumLine 2, you have come to the right place. This brand is so famous that it may have been on Britain's Got Talent. It is great for enhancing your performance, and it may help lighten the mood during band practice.


  • Works effectively
  • It looks terrific
  • Has thirteen color changes on a single pair of drumsticks.
  • Comparable to actual drumsticks


  • Unique usage only
  • Heavy
  • Low-fidelity audio

2. Light Stix Light-Up LED Drumsticks

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If you are searching for an additional drumstick to help you attain the coolness of DrumLine 2, this is it. It comes in a variety of colors and blinks to the rhythm of your heartbeat.

The colors or lighting are only triggered when the drumsticks make contact with the drum, which is wonderful. These drumsticks are utilized by both beginners and experts because they are so enjoyable to use.

You will be quite shocked to discover that this is more than just a standard drumstick. Although it may be used for performances, it is also fairly robust and can be used as a standard drumstick.

It is constructed from a high-quality polycarbonate material that can survive heavy impacts and is sufficiently clear to display the lights within. It also features frosted tips for a lovely light-fading look.


  • Able can function even without the light
  • Motion-activated
  • Functions with any drum
  • Robust polycarbonate substance
  • Batteries contained


  • The light is out once it goes out.
  • Can be enormous compared to ordinary drumsticks.
  • Does not sound as wonderful

3. Trophy FX12BL Firestix Drumsticks with Lights, Blue

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This is the product if you are seeking for glow-in-the-dark and motion-activated drumsticks. These drumsticks from Firestix likewise light up based on your movement, but they also feature a body that glows in the dark if you're out of batteries. It is a great alternative to all of the battery-powered drumsticks on the market.

These drumsticks are also constructed from a high-quality material that can endure the harshest impacts. After your performance, you may use these as ordinary drumsticks, and they can compliment your current drumsticks. Steel Drums has further information.

That's all there is to it. These are the finest illuminated drumsticks we could find on Amazon. We hope you were able to find one that meets your preferences. They come in many hues and varieties. We anticipate your colorful and entertaining performance with these drumsticks.


  • Radiate in the dark
  • Light-sensitive
  • Constantly emits light
  • Motion-activated
  • Highly resilient


  • Once the lights go out, it is more difficult to bring them back on.
  • Some purchasers received non-functional ones.
  • Might not sound as good

4. JXE JXO HD Brilliant LED Drum Sticks

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Due to its distinctive material and color effects, the JXE JXO HD Light-Up Drumsticks are the finest alternative to the leading brand. These drumsticks are constructed of polymer, as opposed to their competitors' polycarbonate-based sticks.

In addition, it features three lighting modes:'soft and warm' for slow music, 'flickering light' for energetic music, and'swing and touches' so that it illuminates when it contacts a surface. These settings provide you with more possibilities for modifying your drum performance.

Additionally, you'll like that these drums are motion-activated. They are also triggered by air. It indicates that it continues to illuminate even when you punch the air. You are not need to utilize it on a surface for it to illuminate efficiently.

In addition, it is composed of polymer material designed to transmit 98% of light via its sticks. This material is frequently utilized in automobile headlights, making it more durable than its competitors.


  • Includes three lighting styles to complement your music
  • Air- and motion-activated
  • Suitable for branded drum kits
  • Less dense than the majority of light-up drumsticks
  • Contains a bag.


  • Some have noticed audio problems
  • Some purchasers received non-functional ones.
  • You may need to tweak for it to illuminate.

5. YiPaiSi 5A Light-Up Luminous Drumsticks

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If you've ever desired snazzy drumsticks that light up automatically without batteries, here is your chance. The YiPaiSi Luminous Light Up Drumsticks redefined drumsticks by allowing them to illuminate after only 10 to 20 minutes of sun or light exposure.

When you do this, it will begin to illuminate to the rhythm. With each contact, the drumsticks will illuminate, resulting in an explosively colored performance.

The light show makes this the ideal drumstick for theatrical performances or marching bands. It is a terrific method to wow the audience and allow them to observe your well coordinated performance.

This is also an excellent alternative if you are weary of all the light-up drumsticks that break after a few usage. These drumsticks function, but only for a little period of time.


  • Not requiring batteries
  • Motion-activated
  • Suitable for both beginners and experts
  • Highly resilient
  • Comes in a variety of hues


  • Only appropriate for nighttime play
  • Not as pleasant an aural experience
  • Perhaps overly hefty

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Buying Guide

Typically, light-up drumsticks are composed of transparent acrylic plastic. They will not function as a standard drumstick and will feel drastically different.

Light-up drumsticks also tend to shatter more quickly than wooden drumsticks, hence it is recommended to utilize them for stage effects rather than sonic performance.

Drumsticks with built-in light-emitting diodes

The conventional illuminated drumstick often illuminates upon collision with a drum or other hard surface. There are other firms that manufacture glow-in-the-dark sticks that illuminate continuously.

However, the trouble with these sticks is that they can only be seen in the dark. A stage with lighting may not be the greatest solution.

All playing must be soft and subtle; no rimshots allowed

As previously indicated, these drumsticks will be far more brittle than ordinary sticks. If you play with a lighter touch when using them on stage, your light-up drumsticks will last considerably longer.

Who needs their drumsticks to be glowing in the dark?

Anybody can utilize them! I've observed both professional musicians and little toddlers utilizing illuminated drumsticks. Lighted drumsticks are a fantastic Christmas present for parents.

The intention of light-up drumsticks is not to produce a great sound on drums and cymbals.

Due to the plastic and fragile nature of light-up drumsticks, you won't normally get a high-quality drum tone with them. They are just decorative and will perform well as such.


Adding additional fun and excitement to the time you spend drumming may be accomplished rather easily by purchasing drumsticks that emit a glowing light when played in the dark.

However, you shouldn't use these as your primary set of drumsticks because they have certain issues. Simply carry things out for the sheer pleasure of it. We wish you the best of luck in selecting the best light up drumsticks for your pastime.