Top 5 Best Logitech Headsets of 2023

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  Feb 1, 2023 11:07 PM

What characteristics make the Logitech gaming headset the best?

Logitech is a well-known PC hardware and accessories manufacturer that produces some of the most dependable PC headsets and keyboards, and its gaming headsets excel in ergonomics and usability.

The audio quality of their gaming headphones for chat and in-game sound effects is crystal clear.

Continue reading to discover more about the best Logitech headsets and how they stack up against the best gaming headsets from competitors like as LucidSound.

Our Top Picks

1. Logitech G Pro X Gaming Headset

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The high-quality 50mm drivers of the Logitech G Pro X gaming headset offer outstanding sounds. This device's Gen 7.1 surround sound is excellent for watching movies and playing video games. It provides comfort with memory foam cushions and a leatherette headband. This variant is compatible with PCs, consoles, and mobile devices due to its 3.5mm connector. It includes a 6.6-foot PC wire and a 5-foot mobile device cable. However, changing settings using the G Hub program might be difficult.

This headset contains removable microphones of professional quality and Blue Voice technology, which capture sound in incredible detail. The microphone features a noise suppressor, a compressor, and a limiter to produce refined sounds. This headset has an external USB sound card for connecting effectively to Windows PCs. Additionally, it has Logitech G Hub software for configuring settings. Logitech offers five EQ profiles, and the software allows users to design their own EQ settings. A travel bag is supplied for convenient storage.


  • Outstanding detachable mic
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Powerful 50mm drivers


  • Changing settings with the G Hub program is difficult.

2. Logitech G332 SE Gaming Headset

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The high-quality 50mm audio drivers of the Logitech G332 SE gaming headset produce booming bass and crisp high notes. This gadget contains a 6mm boom mic to collect and transmit sound in pristine quality. Ear cup controls for smooth volume adjustments. This headset's closed-ear construction prevents sound from leaking to the microphone and delivers an immersive gaming experience. However, the flip-to-mute feature on some units of this gadget is faulty.

This Logitech headset boasts lightweight components that relieve head and ear pressure. It connects smoothly to consoles and PCs through a 3.5mm connection. This headset's audio sensitivity of up to 107 dB gives an immersive experience. The spacious ear cups are comfy on the ears, and the mesh cushions promote airflow. These ear cups rotate 90 degrees, allowing the user to bend his or her head comfortably.


  • Immersive in-ear construction
  • Turnable earcups
  • Flip-to-mute capability


  • Unreliable switch-to-mute feature

3. Logitech H540 Headset for Gaming

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The Logitech H540 gaming headset is a lightweight, over-the-ear design that will appeal to professionals who use headsets for extended periods of time. With its USB connector and plug-and-play style, it is compatible with a broad range of systems. This device's laser-tuned drivers provide pleasant noises. It contains a built-in EQ that enables users to change the audio settings as necessary. In addition to a volume control dial, this gadget features a bass level slider, providing customers with more options. This gadget, however, lacks good noise-canceling technology.

This headset contains an inconspicuous microphone that captures sounds effectively without being physically invasive. The on-ear controls are simple to operate. This headset's ear cups are made of leatherette and have a smooth texture for comfort and simple cleaning. The mute indicator light, which warns users when the headset is muted, is a feature we appreciate. This unit's microphone is flexible and may be moved out of the way for your convenience.


  • Very light build
  • Internal EQ and bass volume control
  • Mute LED


  • Insufficient noise-cancelling technology
  • It is tough to notice mute LED.

4. Logitech G935 Headset for Gaming

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The Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset employs 2.4GHz RF for easy interaction with PCs and other devices. It has an indoor range of up to 50 feet, allowing you to roam freely about the room while playing. This headset's large 50mm Pro-G speakers allow users to hear subtle game sounds to get an advantage over the competitors. However, this model occasionally experiences sporadic signal loss.

This model features RGB lighting and is compatible with Lightsync to provide accurate ambience customization. The G Hub software makes it simple to modify the lighting. Featuring a 6mm microphone, this gadget catches precise sound. It is equipped with sophisticated DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound, providing an accurate 3D soundscape. This gadget includes an internal battery that allows for up to 12 hours of uninterrupted gameplay.


  • Stunning programmable ambience lighting
  • Wireless design
  • RD encompass sound


  • Occasional signal loss

5. Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Headset for Gaming

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The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum is a gaming-optimized headset that produces crystal-clear audio. This gadget offers 7.1 Dolby and DTS surround sound, enhancing gaming with directional noises. This headset's powerful 40mm Pro-G speakers boost gaming sounds. It contains built-in equalization profiles that enable users to tailor the sound as necessary. A noise-cancelling boom mic with an LED light notifies users when the microphone is silenced. However, the headband is too snug for certain individuals.

This gadget is compatible with several platforms and may be plugged into PCs, mobile devices, and a variety of game consoles. 100 Hz to 20 kHz is a respectable frequency response for this instrument. This headset's dual connection interfaces allow users to blend sounds from two distinct sources. It contains a USB and 3.5mm interface, allowing users to take calls while playing their favorite games. This device is equipped with configurable RGB lighting and G-key macros for configuring commonly used features.


  • Excellent aural quality
  • RGB lighting that can be customized
  • Functional G-keys for customization


  • The headband fits certain individuals snugly

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Buying Guide

Overview of Logitech Headsets

Daniel Borel, Giacomo Marini, and Pierluigi Zappacosta started Logitech in 1981 as a Swiss computer peripheral hardware manufacturer. The business, with headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, and operations in Vaud, Switzerland, and Silicon Valley, California, United States, was among the first to manufacture a mass-market computer mouse.

Logitech has continuously grown its range of computer peripherals and input devices throughout the subsequent decades. In 2008, the business bought the headphone and in-ear monitor brand Ultimate Ears. It subsequently acquired the Astro Gaming and Blue Microphones brands, further expanding its selection of high-performance audio and gaming audio equipment. Check out our evaluation of the Logitech G230 stereo gaming headset to discover more about the company's goods.

The vast history of Logitech with Bluetooth-enabled products benefits the company's wireless headphones. Its wired headphones deliver typically high-quality audio and stand out for their mics. For phone conversations and gaming discussions, they offer crisp voice capture and excellent sound.

Logitech promotes inexpensive gaming headset versions under the "Logitech G" gaming accessory brand, while its subsidiaries Astro Gaming and Blue Microphones provide microphones, over-the-ear headsets, and high-tech headsets.

Logitech's wireless and wired gaming headsets are worth considering if you're searching for a gaming headset that also works well for video chats due to its versatility. Additionally, the business manufactures some of the most affordable headsets with respectable sound quality, mobile-device compatibility, and usable microphone performance.

How Logitech Headsets Stack Up Against Competitors

(Pro 1) The USB headset and wireless headsets from Logitech provide ergonomically positioned audio controls and a pleasant design. Typically, premium models of over-the-ear headphones include a cushioned headband that facilitates lengthy gaming sessions. The majority of Logitech headphone models have an adjustable headband to accommodate various head sizes, making them ideal gaming headsets for large heads.

(Con 1) Not as Immersive as Other Headsets: With the exception of a few specialized models, Logitech's standard headphones may not offer the same cinematic quality of headset sound as other companies, such as JBL's gaming versions. Competitors may provide an expanded bass range and a more detailed virtual surround sound.

Logitech's selection is worth considering if you're searching for the best-sounding wireless headset within an acceptable price range. Even the cheapest Logitech headphones offer acceptable sound quality and the standard wireless range.

(Contradiction 2) Style of Gaming Models May Not Appeal to Everyone: Some consumers may find the design of Logitech's LIGHTSYNC RGB gaming headphones to be too "gamer." However, the design of the higher-end Logitech Pro-X and Pro-VR series is universally praised by critics.

Multiple Platform Compatibility (Pro 3) Console users may appreciate Logitech's extensive compatibility choices. In general, Logitech Zone wireless and USB headset wired devices are simple to link with a variety of platforms and operating systems. The Logitech G335 wireless model is compatible with PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, and almost all Bluetooth 4.2 devices. It is as adaptable as the most popular Razer gaming headphones.

(Con 3) Fewer Noise-Canceling Options: While Logitech gaming headphones give generally high sound quality and 3D audio capabilities, some companies provide more accessible active noise cancellation and may provide better ambient noise filtering in crowded or loud gaming conditions.

Some versions, such as the Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED RGB Wireless headset, have a battery life of up to 29 hours per charge. Other variants of the company's over-the-ear Bluetooth wireless headsets, such as the Logitech Zone Wireless series, typically provide at least 20 hours of playback or voice calls.

(Con 4) Limited USB-C Connectivity: Although Logitech gaming headsets provide a variety of wireless technology options, the USB dongle, charging connector, and other connections sometimes utilize the older USB-A or micro-USB standard. For certain Mac and laptop users, the lack of USB-C cable and audio jack hookups may be troublesome.

Why You Should Purchase a New Logitech Headset

There are several reasons to consider purchasing a Logitech headset. Upgrading to a headset with a superior microphone and superb stereo sound may be beneficial for gamers seeking enhanced audio clarity in conversations and enhanced in-game communication. However, if you do not like Logitech, you should read our Astro A40 review.

Numerous modern Logitech gaming headsets include detachable mic booms with Blue microphones. This function helps to improve the audio quality of conference calls and voice chat settings. If you create streaming material, you should also consider switching to a more specialized gaming headset for the same reasons.

You may also choose to acquire a new gaming-specific headset to improve your competitive gaming performance. New gaming headsets, especially those with on-ear gaming headphones and a closed-back design, offer improved passive noise isolation and more realistic 3D sound.

If you are presently using a cheap gaming headset, earphones, or the console's built-in speaker, a new headset with higher sound quality might substantially enhance your gaming experience. A more recent headset provides more realistic virtual surround sound quality and can assist gamers in locating tactically significant in-game sounds, such as enemy footsteps.

Gamers who work remotely and frequently utilize a headset for business chat or conference calls may choose to explore a new Logitech headset due to its enhanced microphone performance and adaptability. The modular design of Logitech's gaming headsets enables the addition of a boom mic with a built-in pop filter for improved speech quality during conference calls and game chats.

In comparison to prior versions, Logitech's most recent gaming headsets include more flexible connection choices and more advanced audio technologies. With the purchase of the Blue Mic brand and subsequent agreements with Oculus and Playstation, Logitech has made significant gains in providing gamers with professional audio quality.

How Long Do Logitech Headsets Typically Last?

Logitech headsets have a broad range of estimated lifespans. The average lifespan of Logitech gaming headsets is between three and five years, depending on the kind of headset, the type of use, and the storage conditions. On-ear headphones have a longer lifespan than earbuds, and wired headsets often outlast wireless counterparts.

The battery life of a wireless headset may be restricted by its internal capacity. Overall battery life varies considerably based on the type of cells used, but experts believe that lithium-ion rechargeable batteries have an acceptable lifespan of 500-1,500 charge cycles.

The ear cups and headband-adjustable sliders of over-the-ear headphones commonly exhibit signs of wear. After a year, it is usual to observe discolouration and fraying on models utilized for regular marathon gaming sessions.

The audio jack connections and the boom mic or flip-up mic are typically the first headset components to malfunction. A worn audio or USB connection might make it difficult to attach the headset and disrupt the audio stream.

To increase the longevity of your gaming headset, store it in a cool, dry location away from severe temperatures. A quality headset stand can protect your headset or on-ear gaming headphones from accidental drops and liquid spills.

Logitech Assurances

The majority of Logitech's gaming headset models include a 2-year limited warranty. Some headset attachments and accessories, such as the Blue Icepop detachable condenser microphone, are also covered by a 2-year guarantee. The warranty applies to original OEM firmware and covers faults in materials or workmanship, but excludes third-party software and accessories.

As is typical with warranties for consumer goods, Logitech does not cover accidental damage or regular wear and tear. Case-by-case, they may handle setup and connection concerns.

The Logitech warranty provides an above-average duration of coverage and more liberal conditions than those provided by some competitor companies. While they may not offer the same degree of online technical support or setup assistance as other premium pro-audio manufacturers, they do offer a 30-day warranty on all replacement parts and equipment. On some models, an extended warranty with business-focused technical assistance is available for purchase.


1. What are the best inexpensive gaming headsets?

It depends on your specific needs. With low-priced headsets, you may not have as many additional functions, but you may still obtain a mic with useable quality, a connection to your PC or console that is dependable, and excellent sound. Logitech produces some of the best cheap gaming headphones as well as premium versions.

2. Are Logitech headsets suitable for the workplace?

Logitech's modular Pro and Pro X range of dual-purpose work and gaming headphones are highly appreciated. The Pro X is equipped with a Blue condenser microphone on a detachable boom arm, enabling for crystal-clear audio clarity on business calls and in-game discussions.

3. Should you choose a wireless or wired headset?

It depends on your gaming requirements, tastes, and platforms. Wireless headphones provide more mobility and may be easier to link with mobile devices and portable consoles. Generally, wired versions offer superior Hi-Fi sound quality and have no battery life constraints.

4. Can earbuds be used for gaming?

Some earbuds have a design that makes them acceptable for light and casual gaming, but if your gaming area has a lot of background noise, you may want to consider a headset or closed-back headphones for greater passive noise isolation.

5. Are headsets from Logitech suitable for casual gamers?

Nearly all Logitech G headsets for casual gaming have received positive reviews. Serious and competitive gamers may select versions with more sophisticated 3D sound, such as the Logitech G533 and Pro X series.


The Logitech headsets are ergonomically designed to ensure your comfort while using them.

They have cushions that lay pleasantly on the ear canal. Logitech will do everything it can to make sure you get the best Logitech headsets and are happy with them.

Thanks for reading this article from us, and best wishes for your purchase.