Top 6 Best Motorcycle Earbuds of 2022

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  Nov 30, 2022 7:22 AM

If you want to listen to music while riding your motorcycle without being distracted by the wind or the engine, you need the best motorcycle earbuds.

The included noise-cancelling technology is excellent, isolating noises below 32dB so that the wind and your bike won't interfere with your listening while keeping you fully aware of the road conditions.

Extra features, including as sweat resistance, water resistance, and the positioning of volume controls, might be a big help to a biker when using earphones.

Our Top Picks

1. Apple Pro AirPods

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AirPods are one of the most conspicuous and well-known earbud varieties available. This is because Apple has become synonymous with high-quality devices.

They are long-lasting and well-constructed, able to withstand regular usage in various climates. Excellent battery life, beginning with 24 hours for the charging case and 4.5 hours for the earbuds.

However, as is typical with Apple goods, its battery's capacity seems to diminish a bit more quickly than that of competing competitors.

AirPods are ideal for riding a motorbike due to their compact profile and comfortable insertion. They are flatter on the sides, reducing the likelihood that they may press against the sides of your helmet.

AirPods include active noise cancellation and adaptive equalization, which give excellent sound and eliminate ear troubles caused by motorbike engines and highway noise.


  • Strong and sturdy structure
  • Extended battery life
  • Comfortable, even when wearing a helmet
  • Active noise cancelation
  • Excellent sound


  • High cost
  • Battery capacity diminishes rapidly.

2. Bose SoundSport System

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When searching online for curated lists of the finest motorbike earbuds for riding, Bose always appears. And with good cause! Additionally, the brand's wireless earphones have much to offer motorcyclists. They include one-of-a-kind tips that produce an excellent seal, ensuring that they remain in your ears even as you accelerate.

In addition, Bose SoundSport are weather-resistant, so you need not be concerned that your wireless earbuds will stop working while you are outside in the rain.

Those who frequently receive telephone calls are in for a treat. By wearing the finest motorcycle earphones with a microphone, you may answer calls without using your hands and maintain your concentration on the road ahead. Even Skype and FaceTime are compatible for personal and professional talks.


  • Excellent ear tips for a secure fit
  • Durability
  • Superb microphone
  • Option for answering the phone
  • Connectivity reliability
  • Acoustic quality
  • Simple to use the controls
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Ultralight, wireless construction.
  • Highly adaptable and well-balanced sound profile.


  • Appear protuberant and bulky
  • Semi-open design leads in poor noise isolation.
  • Poorly positioned controls
  • Only SBC and AAC, no aptX
  • Poor construction quality.

3. Beats Flex Bluetooth Earphones

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Beats is a widely popular brand because to its high-quality audio and durable design. In this instance, you may have the same premium quality at a modest cost. They are a fantastic option if you want earbuds without many extra features that nevertheless do the job.

Similar to the Ruckus Discord, these earphones do not have a charging case but are attached to a single charging wire with controls. The controls are slightly more accessible than those of the Ruckus Discord, although the wire might be a nuisance while wearing a helmet.

Apple's headphone chip allows for a smooth connection and a 12-hour battery life, making these headphones ideal for commuting to work and travelling.

The increased class 1 range of the Beats Flex earphones is their finest feature. The Bluetooth connection is robust, so you can still attach it to a phone in your back pocket or tail bag, and interference from your helmet is often not an issue.


  • Great value
  • High-fidelity sound
  • 12-hour battery endurance
  • Expansion of Bluetooth range


  • More difficult to fit helmet
  • Less noise suppression than competing models

4. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds with Noise Cancellation

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Bose is well-known for producing headphones and speakers with unrivaled audio quality. Their Bluetooth earphones are the same as the others. If you have a large-displacement engine and noise cancellation and ear protection are major considerations for you, I strongly recommend these headphones.

Controllable via the Bose app, the active noise cancellation's Transparency Mode settings filter out white noise while letting you to hear vital traffic sounds.

The earphones' batteries last up to six hours, making them ideal for traveling. The battery life of the case, however, is approximately average at 12 hours.

Bose creates these earphones to the highest standard. They are certified IPX4, which means they were tested to withstand a minimum of 10 minutes of an oscillating spray; they will readily withstand the perspiration in your helmet.


  • Active EQ sound of high fidelity
  • Active and modulatable noise suppression
  • Multiple control options
  • Long-lasting earbud batteries
  • Long-lasting and sturdy structure
  • IPX4 rating for sweat and moisture protection


  • High cost
  • Slightly dominant form
  • Average battery case life

5. Elgin Ruckus Discord Bluetooth Earbud Headphones

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The noise-canceling capabilities of the Elgin Ruckus Discord earphones have been taken to the next level. They are ANSI-certified, which means they fulfill OSHA hearing protection criteria.

If you use these earphones while riding a helicopter to your construction job, your ears will appreciate you. Due to the medical-grade silicone earplugs, this is the case.

Remember that these are not the Bluetooth earphones you may be accustomed to. There is no evidence of guilt. Instead, you charge the earphones directly using the wire that connects them.

This provides a total battery life of 14 hours, which is ideal for travelling and commuting if you wear your earphones to work. Fitting the cord into your helmet might be a slight nuisance at first, but you quickly get the hang of it.

Because they are meant to protect your ears in severe environments, such as industrial labor, they are also constructed to be durable. They are certified IP65, which means they are impervious to dust and water jets, so perspiration is not a concern. A one-year guarantee supports its durability.


  • Great value
  • Hearing protection approved by ANSI and OSHA
  • 14 hours of endurance
  • IP65 certification for dust and moisture protection
  • 1-year guarantee


  • Cord might be difficult to install in a helmet.
  • Controls difficult to access
  • No criminal charge

6. Alexa Echo Buds

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The second-generation Echo earphones from Amazon are an excellent mid-range alternative for motorcyclists. This is due to the fact that they are tiny and compact, barely protruding beyond the ear canal. They are unlikely to make your helmet uncomfortable.

The versatility and connecting simplicity of the Echo Buds are an additional feature I adore. These issues are avoided by the Echo Buds, which are compatible with a variety of electrical devices from different manufacturers.

They are compatible with iOS and Android as well as their respective virtual assistants, Siri and Google Assistant, and the Alexa app facilitates access to capabilities.

This model has good batteries, with five hours of battery life for the earbuds and fifteen hours for the charging case. However, they distinguish out due to their rapid charge. After 15 minutes in the case, the earphones may last for two hours. That's fantastic for those mornings when you forget to charge your devices.


  • Minimal and small within the helmet
  • Easy compatibility and connectivity
  • 15-minute rapid charging for two hours of audio playback
  • Active noise cancelation


  • Limited restrictions
  • Privacy problems and excessive app permission requirements

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Buying Guide

Sound Transmission Through Bones

Bone conduction earphones' primary operating region is external to the auricle. Instead than attaching to the ear, the gadget rests on top of the cheekbone, above the eardrum. These headphones transmit bone-rattling soundwaves to the ear.

This feature was made specifically for motorcyclists so that they could better hear traffic and other sounds. These headphones would be ideal for any rider who recognizes the need of maintaining situational awareness when out on the road.

The Silence Shield

To combat ambient noise, active noise cancellation produces its own signal and feeds it back into the system. The noise in your environment is picked up by the microphone and played via the speakers as you listen to music.

To reduce the amount of ambient noise reaching the listener's ears, a pad is used in passive noise cancellation. In comparison to active noise cancellation, this method has the advantages of being more widely applicable, easier to implement, and more easily accessible.


The earphones' degree of comfort is another crucial feature to look for when purchasing a set for use while riding a motorbike. The ideal earphones for motorcyclists would feature a quick reaction time, a small footprint, and a snug fit in your ear canal.

Select low-profile designs since they stay put in your ears better. Models that come with a range of earbud sizes are ideal, since this gives you the freedom to find the one that fits your ears the best. If you're already uncomfortable, it might be a serious distraction while driving.

Connections and Handles

With a wireless model, you may roam freely without worrying about a cable coming unplugged. Wireless devices are more convenient since they eliminate the need for wires, however the audio and connection quality is inferior than wired models.

Motorcycle riders can greatly benefit from voice controls. Earbuds with sensor controls are a great addition to any device. If you purchase wired earphones, one of the buttons on the cord can activate the voice assistant. However, this is quite risky while driving.


1. Is using earphones while riding a motorbike legal?

It depends on your location. In one state, it is permissible to bike while using headphones or earbuds; in the other, it may be illegal. Local regulations regarding the use of headphones by motorcyclists vary and are often revised. You should learn more about the unique laws in your state.

2. Can headphones be used while riding a motorcycle?

While riding a bicycle, you may use headphones, Bluetooth speakers, or earbuds so long as you do so responsibly. Keep in mind that they are not intended to operate as earplugs. Ensure that their silicone tips completely fit to the shape of your ear and do not cause irritation when you are wearing your motorbike helmet.

Additionally, it is in your best interest not to turn up the level so that music does not impede your ability to hear your surroundings. Otherwise, it is possible that listening to loud sounds will be distracting.

3. AirPods compatible with motorcycle helmets?

First, ensure that wearing earbuds or headphones, especially AirPods, while riding a bicycle is not against the law in your state. Second, consider the design in which you excel. Some riders may not feel comfortable wearing AirPods due to their size. Lastly, they do not completely filter out unpleasant sounds or wind noise.


The adoption of wireless earphones has had a huge effect on the day-to-day lives of those who ride motorcycles. Because they are simple to attach and have the capacity to block out ambient noise in addition to the fact that they shield your hearing, the best motorcycle earbuds are an alternative that should be taken into consideration.