Top 5 Best Semi-Hollow Guitars of 2023

Kanye Cristiano
  Feb 1, 2023 10:12 PM

Every musician should acquire one of the best semi-hollow guitars at some point throughout their existence. Even if you play the dirtiest chords in the world on a semi-hollow guitar, there's something about it that screams refinement and class.

You should always have a semi-hollow guitar in your collection, whether you play it for unplugged home noodling, impromptu jazz gigs, or simply because it looks and sounds wonderful.

Our Top Pick

1. Squier Classic Vibe Starcaster

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The Fender Starcaster is one of the semihollow guitars that looks the coolest. The Starcaster came out in 1976 and was made until 1980. At the time, people had different opinions about it. Since it became popular on the vintage and rare market in recent years, Fender and Squier brought it back in 2013 and 2014, so you can get a semi-hollow guitar with a '70s Fender vibe for less.

When you think about how much one of these guitars will cost you, the quality of the build is pretty amazing. The guitar feels solid and well-made, and the way it is finished is also impressive. It's not too big or hard to move around, but it's strong, unlike some thin necks that feel like they're about to break.

Now, the combination of Wide Range humbuckers and a semi-hollow guitar gets us really excited. Wide Range humbuckers are made to cover, you guessed it, a wide range of frequencies. When you put this "open" sound into a semi-hollow body that already sounds big, the tones you get will blow you away.


  • Offset look is killer
  • The sound of wide-range humbuckers is great.
  • Independent volume and tone controls


  • There are only maple fingerboards.

2. Gretsch G2622-P90 Streamliner

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Gretsch is without a doubt one of the most popular brands of semi-hollow and fully hollow guitars. The kings and queens of country, rockabilly, and rock 'n' roll play these guitars most often. Their semi-hollow Streamliner series brings the appeal of a semi-hollow guitar to a lower price point.

The G2622-P90 is a semi-hollow guitar with a pretty big body. It looks like a 335, but that's where the similarities end. The Gretsch has a body made of mahogany and a neck made of nato. Together, they make a tone that has a lot of depth and warmth, which is something we love in a semi-hollow.

Even though Gretsch's Streamliner line is one of their more affordable lines, this guitar doesn't feel cheap at all. The hardware is very sturdy, and the "V" stoptail looks great and gives your strings a strong, stable place to start vibrating through the top of the guitar. It seems to be all about the playing experience and none of the worries and problems we might get from playing a less expensive instrument.


  • Beautiful finish
  • The sound of P90s is different.
  • Gretsch vibes in spades


  • Single coils will have a lot of movement.

3. Fender Jim Adkins JA-90

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Despite the fact that Fender is most known for its extensive lineup of solidbody guitars, the Thinline Telecaster has become a favorite among semi-hollow enthusiasts, despite retaining the Telecaster moniker.

The JA-90 is the trademark model of Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins, and while you may assume that this instrument is only a pop punk machine, allow us to surprise you. With a pair of Seymour Duncan P90 pickups installed in the semi-hollow ash body, the guitar's tone is bright and crisp, with a substantial amount of low-end growl.

This Telecaster has the bite and grunt of a Fender Tele, but the string tension and adjustability of a particular brand beginning with 'G'. Despite the fact that this may not appeal to all Fender enthusiasts, this instrument was created to defy convention.


  • Incredibly very versatile
  • P90s sound killer
  • Controls permit further customization


  • Not the conventional Fender scale length

4. Yamaha SA2200

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Yamaha guitars are often regarded as among of the finest-crafted instruments available. Yamaha's company-wide construction quality is nearly unrivaled, which gives us optimism for the SA2200, a semi-hollow guitar priced at $/£2,000.

The laminated sycamore body is a refreshing break from the world of maple and mahogany, delivering a tone that is rich in a variety of places. It surpasses most semi-hollow guitars in terms of depth, clarity, and accuracy. A fingerboard made of ebony amplifies the guitar's warm tone and helps to dampen the guitar's vibrant high end.

The only issue we have with Yamaha guitars is that they are, in a way, almost too well-made. On the other hand, their additional accuracy and 'perfection' are what make them so extraordinary in the first place. Occasionally, the SA2200 feels and sounds somewhat clinical, yet it instills the musician with an abundance of confidence.


  • Yamaha's build quality is unrivaled.
  • Unique tones exist
  • Interesting Sycamore body wood


  • Yamahas are clinically

5. Gibson ES-335 Satin

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The Gibson ES-335 is the most iconic semi-hollow guitar by a wide margin. The ES (Electric Spanish) line has paved the way for all other semi-hollow guitars since its beginnings. This Satin series of 335s has a classic aesthetic, contemporary dependability, and a tone that we all adore.

This 335 is comprised of premium tonewoods. This guitar's body is crafted from three layers of maple and poplar, with a maple centreblock and a quality mahogany neck completing the wrap sheet. Together, these tonewoods provide a pleasant, well-balanced sound with equal amounts of high- and low-frequency warmth.

This guitar is simply an updated tribute to the classics. You'll be delighted to know that the hardware and general build quality have remained remarkable, and with current engineering and guitar building processes, it has also improved and evolved. Playing a 335 is a challenging feeling to describe. It is both ancient and new, classic and contemporary, both tranquil and frantic.


  • Classical style
  • Satin Nitro surface looks fantastic
  • It's a 335


  • You could anticipate more for the cost.

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Buying Guide

You should inspect each guitar you try for the following qualities: a straight neck with no troublesome curving or bending, a reliable construction in which every piece is attached as it should be, the absence of scratches, chips, and dents, and reliable, functional tuning devices.

After addressing the items on this list, the majority of the remaining components of a semi-hollow body guitar are a matter of personal preference. You may obtain a tone that is either warm with a plethora of overtones or bright and sharp with each note speaking to its basic pitch, depending on the type of wood used.

In guitars with semi-hollow bodies, the electrical system is one of the primary determinants of sound quality. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the pickups.

You can still purchase a guitar with a nice sound without spending your whole life savings, but the cheapest models on the market will sound very flat and degrade into feedback-filled chaos when the volume is turned up past a certain point. You should search for a guitar that sounds nice in the low, medium, and high registers, has pickups that don't crackle and pop when you turn the settings, and has a neck that is comfortable to play.


Despite the fact that you may be spending so much time looking at and studying models online that it may feel like years, you should set aside some time to test out many different models to determine which one best suits your needs and preferences. Enjoy your search for the best semi-hollow guitars!