Top 5 Best Wireless Microphone System for Church of 2023

Kanye Cristiano
  Feb 1, 2023 10:39 PM

In a church or other comparable situation, wireless microphone devices are indispensable for monitoring and projecting singing. They provide everything necessary to use microphones without cords, hence enhancing portability and ease.

These wireless systems must possess both physical and acoustic features to be suitable for usage in a church or other big venue.

In this tutorial, we will assist you in identifying the best wireless microphone system for church and offer the facts you need to make the proper choice.

Our Top Pick

1. Audio-Technica ATW-1102 Wireless Handheld Microphone System

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Audio-Technica, renowned as one of the most prolific producers in the business, manufactures a variety of extremely competent wireless microphone systems. The ATW-1102 is their most popular product and is ideal for churches and other large rooms.

The microphone included in this kit, the Audio-Technica ATW-T1002, pleased us much. This dynamic microphone features a unidirectional polar design, preventing sounds from the sides and rear from entering the capsule.

This wireless microphone system contains several features that enhance its functionality. By pressing the appropriate button, for instance, you may activate the automated frequency scanner, which instantly detects an open channel. Additionally, there is a button for activating a "ground-lift," which eliminates ground loops and maintains sound quality.


  • a robust microphone and transmitting system
  • Various connection choices
  • Simple to install and run


  • With two AA batteries, the maximum battery life is seven hours.

2. Shure GLXD24/B87A Digital Wireless Handheld Microphone System

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The longevity of Shure in the audio equipment industry is evidence of its skill. The Shure GLXD24/B87A is an innovative, high-performance digital wireless microphone system with a variety of novel features.

We were really impressed by the ease of use of this wireless microphone device. The GLXD24/B87A requires no prior knowledge of microphones, receivers, or transmitters, since the devices handle the majority of the work for you!

For less than $600, the GLXD24/B87A is the best option for churchgoers in need of a dependable wireless microphone system. Its lithium-ion battery allows for 16 hours of continuous operation on a single charge, making it one of the most energy-efficient products available.


  • Very simple to use and configure
  • Prevents noise problems by continuously monitoring interference
  • Ideal for huge churches and other settings


  • The wireless receiver cannot be rack mounted.

3. Sennheiser XSW 1-835 Wireless Handheld Microphone

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The Sennheiser XSW 1-835 is a flexible, high-quality wireless microphone system. The integrated 835 capsule microphone provides a cardioid pickup pattern, preventing feedback and rejecting background sounds.

When utilized in a church or comparable setting, a microphone must be suitable with varying dynamics and loudness levels. This Sennheiser microphone can take up to 130db SPL, making it suitable for even the loudest vocalists or speakers.

The XSW 1-835's design is clean and straightforward. It has a button for scanning and finding a suitable channel, and each indication is represented by a clear icon, allowing you to set up the system without difficulty.


  • Intuitive design and control arrangement
  • Warm, detailed sound
  • Reduces feedback and other possible noise problems


  • Microphone frequency response is narrower than that of competing solutions.

4. Shure BLX24/PG58 Wireless Handheld Microphone System

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The Shure BLX/PG58 Wireless Handheld Microphone System combines economy and dependability. The dynamic PG58 reflects the characteristics we have come to expect from this illustrious manufacturer: resilience and clarity.

This system features a durable mic clip that can be attached to any universal microphone stand for increased convenience. It also has the renowned "QuickScan" function, which makes frequency selection straightforward.

Additionally, it may be linked to up to 12 additional systems per band, so you won't have to reinvest if the need to extend your church's microphone system arises.

A suitable wireless microphone system for a church must have an operating range that is appropriate with the room's proportions. This Shure product functions flawlessly at any distance up to 100 meters, making it suitable for even the largest churches.


  • Signature Shure toughness and audio quality
  • The system is simple to extend.
  • Ideal for huge churches and religious sites


  • Clipping may occur when the system is utilized with extremely powerful sound sources.

5. Audio-Technica ATW-1322 Wireless Dual Handheld Microphone System

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Consider the Audio-Technica ATW-1322 if you're serious about producing the greatest possible sound from your church microphone system.

This system has a pair of dependable ATW-T1002 portable dynamic microphones with a broad frequency response that is ideal for all vocal genres.

The quality of the microphones adds significantly to the clarity of the sound, but it is also the consequence of the system's receiver and transmitter, which limit interference and assure the clearest signal transmission possible.

Audio-Technica has devoted much effort to how to make this wireless microphone system more adaptable and effective. The detachable receivers are an example of this, allowing you to place them in the best spot within your church or another environment.


  • Outstanding sound quality with minimum interference
  • Simple to connect to other systems
  • Includes several additional rack-mounting and securing components.


  • The power switch on the mics requires some adjustment.

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Buying Guide

People's initial question is whether or not they should purchase the most expensive things.

We did state that it relies totally on your budget, but you should be aware that there are two varieties of the finest church mics. These include:

  • Beginner microphones
  • specialized microphones

Obviously, the latter is more costly. In addition to the price, you should examine the following differentiators:

Microphone Spectrum

The range is crucial since it defines the distance from which the receiver may pick up your voice.

For instance, suppose you enjoy strolling and interacting with the congregation while serving. I am aware that the primary purpose of cordless microphones is to provide you freedom when preaching. However, not all receivers can pick up distant sounds.

In addition, the microphone system should catch sound around obstructions without interruptions.

Consider the microphone that can quadruple the distance you will traverse when preaching at the very least.

Quantity of Channels

This aspect does not directly influence your purchase decision. It influences the quantity of wireless microphones you should purchase for your system.

If your wireless system has 10 channels, you will need to purchase a minimum of ten microphones to fill the vacant slots.


There are around 11 distinct microphone brands. Therefore, it becomes difficult to find a reliable and respected firm that manufactures microphones that fit your expectations.

Let me offer you an idea.

Shure has shown to be the most trustworthy firm. It has been in existence for years and has developed some of the finest portable microphones for church usage by musicians and preachers of the highest caliber.

Whenever we need a microphone in a church, we always start with Shure before considering other brands.

We are not suggesting that other brands do not meet the criteria. In certain circumstances, they offer superior results than some Shure microphones.

But if you want to do business with a reputable firm, I cannot suggest Shure enough.

Function of Microphone

Your primary objective while searching for a microphone is to improve your congregational communication.

Below are three functions of a microphone that should inform your selection.


All of these mics are top-notch. The standards specified by audio engineers have been met. In the end, everything comes down to individual taste and budget.

My recommendation is to spend a little more money on the best wireless microphone system for church because it will have more functions and last longer. The experience will exceed your expectations.